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Wednesday 4th October

  • Buckie ThistleBuckie Thistle4HuntlyHuntly1
  • RothesRothesPNairn CountyNairn CountyP
    Match postponed - Other

Saturday 7th October

  • Fort WilliamFort WilliamPClachnacuddinClachnacuddinP
    Match postponed - Waterlogged Pitch
  • FraserburghFraserburgh7DeveronvaleDeveronvale3
  • Inverurie Loco WorksInverurie Loco Works3Buckie ThistleBuckie Thistle0
  • KeithKeith0RothesRothes3
  • LossiemouthLossiemouth1Forres MechanicsForres Mechanics3
  • Strathspey ThistleStrathspey Thistle1Turriff UnitedTurriff United2
  • Wick AcademyWick Academy2Brora RangersBrora Rangers3

Saturday 14th October

  • Fort WilliamFort William1Inverurie Loco WorksInverurie Loco Works5
  • Wick AcademyWick Academy3Strathspey ThistleStrathspey Thistle0

Wednesday 18th October

  • DeveronvaleDeveronvale4Strathspey ThistleStrathspey Thistle0
  • Cove RangersCove Rangers7Buckie ThistleBuckie Thistle1
  • RothesRothes3Formartine UnitedFormartine United4

Saturday 21st October

  • DeveronvaleDeveronvale0Forres MechanicsForres Mechanics3
  • RothesRothes6LossiemouthLossiemouth0
  • Brora RangersBrora Rangers0Formartine UnitedFormartine United5
  • Buckie ThistleBuckie Thistle4FraserburghFraserburgh1
  • ClachnacuddinClachnacuddin0Inverurie Loco WorksInverurie Loco Works4
  • Cove RangersCove Rangers6KeithKeith2
  • HuntlyHuntly3Wick AcademyWick Academy2
  • Strathspey ThistleStrathspey Thistle0Nairn CountyNairn County2
  • Turriff UnitedTurriff United6Fort WilliamFort William2

Wednesday 25th October

  • Formartine UnitedFormartine United19:45HuntlyHuntly
  • Forres MechanicsForres Mechanics19:45Buckie ThistleBuckie Thistle
  • FraserburghFraserburgh19:45ClachnacuddinClachnacuddin
  • Inverurie Loco WorksInverurie Loco Works19:45Turriff UnitedTurriff United
  • KeithKeith19:45Brora RangersBrora Rangers
  • LossiemouthLossiemouth19:45DeveronvaleDeveronvale
  • Fort WilliamFort William20:00Nairn CountyNairn County
  • RothesRothes20:00Cove RangersCove Rangers

Saturday 28th October

  • Brora RangersBrora Rangers15:00RothesRothes
  • Buckie ThistleBuckie Thistle15:00DeveronvaleDeveronvale
  • ClachnacuddinClachnacuddin15:00Forres MechanicsForres Mechanics
  • Cove RangersCove Rangers15:00LossiemouthLossiemouth
  • Fort WilliamFort William15:00Wick AcademyWick Academy
  • HuntlyHuntly15:00KeithKeith
  • Nairn CountyNairn County15:00Inverurie Loco WorksInverurie Loco Works
  • Strathspey ThistleStrathspey Thistle15:00Formartine UnitedFormartine United
  • Turriff UnitedTurriff United15:00FraserburghFraserburgh

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